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Application Tracking via FairShare Content

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Fairshare is a content tracking application that reliability be calculated, because the function of this service allows us (as owner of the article) to track anyone who is doing a Copy-Paste (copas) on any posts or overall just mengutipnya the setengah2. Applications Fairshare newly published early in 2009 is, of course, bring fresh wind to the original content owners. We do not need to do extra work with the tracking manually, and let the Fairshare do this task for you. You just wait for the report are regularly each time found the target through Fairshare Rss Feed address is listed on the first Fairshare.

Fairshare in works by analyzing a large amount of text that is published via Rss feed address. Overview of the work is similar to the way CopyScape but very different results in the report. Each of the reports that show more detailed Fairshare visible, from the target URL address, Title whatever that has been duplicated, the article% similar to the original content, how many characters that have been in Copas, whether the Peng-copas provide backlink or not , and the reports whether the article is also duplicated ad embedded therein.


Does not need the money for doing business online!

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Does not need the money for doing business online!
Monday, 24 September 07 - by: admin

"Business over the internet does not need money or only a little money" It is too often I hear a sentence like this. Again, be careful.

For doing any business you need a hearing aid. Even to start businesses fried banana in the street, you need tools. will be required frying, stove, trailer, tarpaulin, chairs and much more.

So also with the online business. You also need a hearing aid. And need the money "quite a lot." Tool that is a HTML editor, hosting, autoresponder, domain name. Indeed, many of the tools that are free, but free of all this is not balanced with the headache you will get. If you have to try it, you surely know what I mean.

To succeed you need the tools of quality. And you know yourself, there is no quality without the "price-quality" too.


Western Union

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What is Western Union?
In the past month postiingan kang Rohman never post that Google adsense is now providing facility of payment through Western Union to a publisher in Indonesia. In fact there are readers of the blog kang Rohman not know what Western Union That? kang Rohman it to be slightly mengulasnya.
Western Union remittance service is among the cities in a country or between countries in the world in a rapid (real-time online). Millions of people in the world use Western Union to send or receive money as has been safe, easy and reliable.
The benefits of Western Union services in compare with other services pengirman money:
Money very quickly, in seconds that the money could have been sent in by the recipient of the money taken in the meaning. Spread over 200 countries in the world with more than 334,000 agents. No need to have a bank account or live in a place. Because the system has a secure safe. Cost of money is relatively cheap. Generally, the cost is wearing only the sender and the recipient of money is only money in the cost to replace the wearing materai. There is no minimum value for the money in the mail. Some products from the western Union is:
Will Call That is money that the payee is an individual or individuals.
Quick Pay That is money that the recipient of the money is a business that is already registered as a client list on the western Union.
Additional services shipping news / message. Test questions / test question: for some countries to avoid fraud. Delivery of money to address Recipient / physical delivery Notification to the payee / phone notification for some countries.

Where can we find the Western Union service? in Indonesia there are many western union agent, usually an agent of the body is moving in the field of service delivery such as money or goods:
Bank Mandiri Commerce Bank ank Syaria/Bank BRI Tiki ny places that ogiv How to identify agentern Union?However, to ensure that the official agent of western union should you visit the website directly at the Find An Agent. Or at least you only use a trusted agent, such as banks that have been kang Rohman write above.
Ways of delivery or receipt of money through western union in Indonesia:
Sending Money:
Fill out and sign the application form of money. Show or reveal the identity card as a valid ID card, driver's license or Passport. Pay the charges and the money will be transfer to the recipient.Notify the data transfer to the recipient as the sender, the amount of money that will be the tell, the country of origin and transfer of the reference number / code money transfer (Money Transfer Control Number / MTCN). Acceptance of money:
Fill out and sign the application form acceptance of money.Show or reveal the identity card as a valid ID card, driver's license or Passport. Knowing the data delivery of data such as name of sender, the amount of money that is sent, the country of origin and transfer of the reference number / code money transfer (Money Transfer Control Number / MTCN). Materai pay the cost. To find out the status of money, you can use the Check Transfer facility on the site's, you have to do is enter the first and last name of the money and Money Transfer Control Number (Money Transfer Control Number / MTCN 0 It seems that the Western Union is the first deh, if there is any need to rectified. Next post will be more specific in the study of how to earn money from Google Adsense payment through Western Union.


addsense optimalization

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Now many new features in google adsense, after sunday got good news yesterday that Indonesia can choose payment options with a Western Union so that we will be more easy to accept payment in checks that compare with the time so long. There is a new feed for the adsense, adsense for domains and the font settings to suit in the form of text ads.

Adsense For Feeds possible we can get revenue from the blog readers that we always read through a feed reader like Google Reader and so forth, while AdSense for Domains is for you who have nothing to domain alias not used, then the land can be made to get the same with how to save adsense ads on that domain, for those of you who have been playing with a regular domain name parking, of course, you are not foreign to the adsense for domains.

When you create an ad for Content (Ads For Content) in the text or images, usually you can only set the Ad Format, Ad Colors, The Corner style (grid or rounded). There is one addition that still be calculated, namely the new form of advertising letters (Font). With this setting, then you can adjust the type of letter is in use on your blog, this will make your ads more integrates with the blog content, making it possible to get more clicks so that the dollar will be happy to go to your wallet

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Oil prices "rebound"

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Oil prices "rebound"

New York (ANTARA News) - The price of crude oil "rebound" (turn menguat) local time on Tuesday, a day after coming down sharply, as the market re-consider the concerns about the drop in energy demand in the United States, said the dealer.

Contract main measure New York, crude oil type of "light sweet" for April delivery, closed at 41.65 U.S. dollars per barrel, up 1.50 U.S. dollars from the closing of Monday.

In London, crude oil "Brent North Sea" for April delivery rose 1.49 U.S. dollars to be steady at 43.70 U.S. dollars per barrel.

The analyst, said the traders to reconsider its position, after oil prices fell about 10 percent on Monday, as stock markets worldwide sink amid concerns continue menurunanya the financial sector.

"We saw a recovery yesterday after going down, the" rally "extreme," said independent analyst Ellis Eckland.

"In my study, it is an over-correction in responding fall in the stock market."

Investors had bet that oil prices decrease to close the position because they are monitoring the situation in Nigeria, said Andy Lipow of Lipow Oil Associates.

An oil pipeline operated oil giant British-Dutch Shell, which is the main channel to the Escravos export terminal in southern Nigeria at the end of explosives last week, limiting the production.

Shell did not disclose the details of a reduction in production or what causes the oil pipeline explosion.

The Company has been a regular target of attacks from the militants in southern Nigeria in the last three years.

"Markets are now starting to see a future for the OPEC meeting on March 15," said Lipow.

The State Oil Organization (OPEC), which produces about 40 percent of world crude, announced at the end of the year 2008, total production has been cut 4.2 million barrels per day, in an effort to prevent further decline in prices.

Oil prices have increased overall in the last week menguatnya anticipate the demand for vehicle fuel bermotir in the United States, and indications that OPEC will cut production again, said traders.

"We get the signal varies from OPEC, whether they will make the decision again reduce production or not," said Lipow.

"I think the market is generally estimated that more trimming production as decreasing demand in the world."

Markets jittery after the global economic crisis and the decreasing depth of the financial system continues to pound sentiment, especially because the United States, the world's largest energy consumer, terpuruk into recession.

"Crude oil price levels are close to 40 U.S. dollars per barrel, as traders lost confidence in the possibility the U.S. economy will rebound this year," said David Evans, analyst from

"The price of oil is estimated to be very weak this weekend, especially Jelang the weekend, when U.S. employment data will be released."

The government will release February employment data. U.S. economy lost 598,000 jobs in January, pushing unemployment to be the highest position in 16 years, at 7.6 percent.


rupiah weakened

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Morning rupiah weakened approach Rp12.200 Per Dollar

Jakarta, (ANTARA News) - The exchange rate of rupiah against the U.S. dollar in the spot market antarbank Jakarta, on Wednesday morning had fallen to a number Rp12.200 per U.S. dollar, because the market feel more comfortable holding foreign currency rather than the rupiah.

The rupiah against the U.S. dollar down a Rp12.148/12.168 per U.S. dollar compared to the previous day closing Rp12.120/12.130 weakened or 28 points.

Money market observer, Edwin Sinaga in Jakarta on Wednesday, said keterpurukan rupiah so far are still considered reasonable in the limit, because almost all the regional currencies slump against the dollar.

Rupiah decline because of the market have felt more secure at this time the dollar is likely to menguat, despite the financial crisis in the country is still worrying, he said.

It is important, he continued, the market pressure can still be controlled so that a decrease in rupiah still rational, because the market fears of national economic growth.

Indonesian is not able to improve economic growth, as happened in South Korea, although the government has issued various bonds in and outside the country, he said.

According to Edwin Sinaga, rupiah decline, as the market saw a declining export performance, due to larger imports, appear that the fear factor economic growth difficult.

Because dollars have supported a more secure seretnya supply of dollars to the global market, he said.

Therefore, he rupiah in the afternoon later estimated the closure will continue to reach out to a number Rp12.200 per U.S. dollar.

Although terpuruk, negative pressure on the rupiah market can still be controlled, so that the correction is still going reasonably assessed is not irrasional.

He said, the market tends to be contemptuous of the government bonds issued to excess demand.

Because the government bonds only to keep the U.S. dollar demand is greater, the actors want to see what the government consist of the performance of the economy is depressed, he said. (antara)